Taleem -o -Tarbiat( Bachoon ka Risalah)

Taleem-o -Tarbiat use to be a house hold name when we were growing up almost three decades ago ...
As with time reading habits changed, learning became more fast paced with TV and PC. And Urdu lost its worth in the eyes of many may be not to all, it was hard for me to expect to find it still publishing as its 69Th year... It was an amazing feeling to see continuity of the purpose after more than two decades since we experienced it... morality....and pleasantness of message is still there.
T.O.T is being published monthly by Feroz Sons on Empress Rd Lahore.Can be subscribed out side of Pakistan too.It is a good resource for parents who still want their kids to know Urdu.Culturally it is current and not too preachy.


  1. im 12 and ive been reading it since i was seven
    i think that its a wonderful mag ive recommended it to my friends....................................our urdu teacher has made it compulsary for all of us
    and i think shes made a good effort to develop in us a habit of urdu reading

  2. taleem o tarbiat bohat he acha risalah hai


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